In September 2005 it was exactly 60 years ago that our society “De Hengeler Spöllers and Daansers” was founded. The dancers are, because of their costumes and presentation of folkloristic dances, very welcome guests at national and international festivals. Most European countries have been able to watch our dances in the course of years. Even from outside Europe invitations come in. But we are also asked locally to join festivities and we gladly do so.

As a society we want to maintain and honour the old culture and folklore of Twente around the turn of the century. With our performances we want to take you back to that time.

All 36 folklore dances are performed on real “tipklompen”(wooden shoes with a tip in front) in a row, circle or special figure and accompanied by live accordion music. By songs, recitals, costume shows and/or sketches that are characteristic of Twente we can make our performances totally complete.

Of course the sound of our wooden shoes is extremely spectacular and dances like the “Driekusman” or “Hoksebarger” are internationally well known. It’s a fact that the Netherlands still have the image of wooden shoes, windmills, cheese and tulips.

If you select the Hengeler Spöllers en Daansers, you choose a performance by passionate dancers full of cheerfulness and gaiety.
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